Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Buku Baik untuk anak Anda! (Part 1)

"Ala tak payah la beli buku untuk budak-budak kecik ni.Bukan mereka tu tau pun menghargai buku,paling pun buku tu di koyak-koyak kan je. " Mom berfikiran macam ni dulu. Yalah sebab dulu time mom masih single mingle tengok anak-anak aunty siap conteng-centeng buku, koyak-koyak lagi .. but masa tu ialah tahun 90an. Tapi dulu lain sekarang budak-budak semakin cerdik. Mom pulak teringat-ingat sampai sekarang perkara tu dan mom memang malas beli buku-buku untuk anak. Then pada suatu hari tu ,SIL ada bagi mom buku-buku lama anak-anak dia. Dalam hati mom aduhai kejap je la hayat buku ni sambil jeling-jeling si abang yang bukan main suka belek-belek buku tu.Tapi sangkaan mom memang jauh meleset la , bila mom bacakan buku pada si abang memang berkesan. Benda yang kita berbuih-buih mulut bagitau tapi tak faham-faham , dengan buku tu mudah saja si abang terima.

Jadi menyahut cabaran Years Raising Readers mom nak kongsi-kongsi Jualan Buku ni dengan rakan blogger sekalian. Read Every Day;lead a Better Life.
Untuk maklumat lanjut mengenai scholastic boleh melayari laman web mereka di http://www.scholastic.com.

Perhatian untuk yang berminat -
*Harga yang tertera tidak termasuk kos penghantaran.
*Order-order ni sampai 25/01/11 sahaja.
*Tinggalkan order atau pertanyaan dalam comment box ye. Nanti mom follow up ASAP.

Barney:Color My World(12 pages)
Develop child skills such as sharing,caring and
learning with their fav friends,Barney.
Rm17.00 now only Rm4.00

The Itsy Bitsy Spider(24 pages)
What comes after the rain washes the spider out of the waterspout?
You'll be surprised at the answer in this book!
Rm13.50 now only Rm5.00

Kitty Cat Are You Waking Up(24 pages)
Kitty Cat must get ready for school,but with so much to do and see
first will she be on time?
Hardcover Rm57.00 now available in Paperback Special Rm8.00

Over in the rainforest(32 pages)
Count the amazing and exotic animals of the
rain forest as they play and cavort in their lush green home.
Rm16.00 now only Rm8.00

Our Earth(24 pages)
Explore the earth a place of many wonders,rich in life
full of colors,sights and sounds.
Rm31.00 now only Rm7.00

An Orange in January (32 pages)
From seeds to a plump luscious fruit,from a farm to a childs palm
follow this juicy account of a plant growth cycle.
Hardcover Rm59.00 now available in Paperback Special Rm10.00

Hooray For Teeth! (32 pages)
Learn all about teeth,from the different types to their
uses to the reason why baby teeth fall out.
Rm13.00 now only Rm9.00

The Magic School Bus Comes To its Senses(32 Pages)
Explore the five human senses.Find out how
you can smell,taste,see,hear and touch.
Rm13.00 now only Rm10.00

One frog Sang(32 pages)
Count the frogs from 1 to 10 and back again.
Rm31.00 now only Rm12.00

You and Me:We're Opposites(32 pages)
Animals are used to comically illustrate various opposites
pairs,from the common tall and short to the more unusual
nice and grouchy.
Hardcover Rm55.00 now available in Paperback Special Rm13.00

Magnetic First Sums:taking Away(10Pages)
This hardback magnetic book is suitable for interactive
learning activities for kids to learn and master subtraction.
Comes with magnetic pictures and number pieces.
Only Rm20.00

The Mixed-Up Alphabet(32 pages)
when the letter Z demands to know why A
is always first he starts the other letters at play school
thinking about changing their places in the alphabet.
Will this mean the end of the alphabet song?
Rm13.00 now only Rm11.00

Build Your Own:Dinosaurs(32 pages)
Dino fans will love this book!With scissors and some glue
make your own dinos and create a world for them to live in.
Only Rm10.00

Preschool Day Hooray(24 pages)
Introduce preschool routines and practices to your
little ones with the bright colors and happy rhymes in this book
Hardcover Rm31.00 now available in Paperback Special Rm12.00

Llama Llama Misses Mama(40 pages)
Llama Llama misses his Mama on his first day of play school,but
soon his new friends show him how much fun school can be.
Hardcover Rm51.00 now available in Paperback Special Rm10.00
Teddy Bear Counting(18 pages)
Learn how to count when twelve adorable
teddies tumble into the scene.How fun is that!
Rm27.00 now only Rm12.00

Ps - Banyak lagi buku-buku ni.. Thats why ada Part 1 ni.

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